Buying Our Compost — Returning the organics to the soil

Black Bear Composting is proud to offer Black Bear Compost. Screened to a 1/2 inch, this compost made from local food scraps, leaves and greenwaste makes an outstanding soil amendment that improves soil health — naturally.

Black Bear Compost is US Composting Council's Seal of Testing Assurance certified, which you can learn more about here.

Three ways to buy our compost:

  • Delivery by Dump Truck - We are happy to bring our compost to you in our small dump truck, which holds up to 8 cubic yards (CY) of compost. $30/CY, plus tax and $3/mile for delivery.
    Call or email us and we can firm up the details.
  • Pick up at our Facility - If you have your own truck or a trailer, stop on by and we'll load you up for $30/CY.
    Please see our location page for hours and directions since our location isn't always GPS friendly.
  • Small Batch Delivery - Need just a little compost and don't have a pick-up truck? We're excited to announce our small batch delivery service! If you're close to one of our collection routes, we'll load up three of our collection bins to deliver you a "short" cubic yard*. The cost is $50 delivered, tax included.
    Call or email us and we can firm up the details.

Compost Tea: Compost Tea is a liquid solution of the microbial beneficial bacteria and fungi found in our compost. The tea is used as a foliar spray to help protect plants from blight and disease. Compost tea can also applied directly to soil to quickly boost the population of beneficial bacteria and fungi essential to soil health. It is a living solution, so it's made-to-order.

$65 for two gallons, plus tax and a $40 refundable deposit for the sprayer containing the tea. Contact us to order.

*Technically, three of our bins when added together are 7 gallons shy of a full cubic yard.
Black Bear Composting
P.O. Box 566
Crozet, VA 22932

Compost Facility Hours:
W+F: 8a-1p
Sat: 9a-12p
Sun: Closed

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