Our Process — Optimizing for nature

While biodegrading is a natural function, composting is controlling the entire process to ensure an optimal environment, timeline and end product. Black Bear Composting's process can be broken down into five basics steps:

  • Inspect: Incoming materials are inspected for contaminants. Loads with non-organics and prohibited materials are rejected. Accepted loads are categorized, recorded and integrated into the day's compost feedstock mix.
  • Mix: Food scraps and materials that break down quickly are immediately mixed with other materials at prescribed portions that we call "recipes". Our recipes ensure that the combined materials have an ideal carbon-to-nitrogen ratio – a key factor in successful composting. Mixed materials are placed into long rows (windrows) and covered with a waterproof, but breathable engineered geotextile.
  • Monitor: Windrows are monitored on a daily basis to ensure an optimal process. Temperature, oxygen and moisture levels are checked and recorded. Windrows are turned by a tractor-pulled windrow turner and watered at the same time.
  • Age: We let our compost age for six months. This improves compost structure and increases the amount of plant-available nitrogen.
  • Screen: Concluding the six-month process, compost is screened to remove large particles and is available to be used again to grow the next crop, garden or lawn.
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